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The Mindful Soul Center offers courses in Yoga, Meditation, Gratitude and other personal development topics. 

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Community starts with the heart and you add the soul. This is unlike big corporate social media platforms and networks. This is a place focused on your interests. This is YOUR community. Still, we recognize that Facebook is a popular and easy platform, so if you love Facebook, you join our community there as well: https://facebook.com/groups/themindfulsoulcenter

Topics We Explore in the Community

 Yoga, Meditation, Books, Philosophy, Art, Music, Weekly Question, Be the Change, Food Deliciousness, the Podcast & the Magazine

A Big Thanks

Yes, a big thanks for being here.

p.s. in case you want to know who created this community. I'm a real person who is in service to those who want to be present for this abundant and joyous life.

My name is Amy Adams. I'm the founder of [the] Mindful Soul Center, author of the book Gratitude Shmatitude, I am aYoga Alliance certified Hatha and Astanga Vinyasa Flow teacher and certified Reiki Master as well as a life-long meditator. In my 'former' life I was part of various teams working in Network News at ABC in NY. I also worked in editorial at Simon & Shuster. I am a visual artist (MFA in painting) as well. There's more but you don't have all day and I'm here to help you -> I've put all my skills and passions together to create a platform where I could be of service to conscious and mindful souls! So, hit the explore button then join us in the community by grabbing the app below (scroll down a bit) or hit the join button up top.

p.s.s. If you haven't read the magazine yet or listened to the podcast, check out the links below

You can also read our magazine here: Read the flipbook version here.

Listen to our podcast here: Listen Here


THIS IS A PRIVATE COMMUNITY. Only community members can read, comment and share within the community. I wanted to create a safe space where posts are NOT public and you will not be bombarded by ads and sponsored posts. As mentioned earlier you will still be notified of paid and free opportunities that are exclusive to the Mindful Soul Center. The private status created extra steps in the joining process and sadly cannot change this.

UNFORTUNATELY, WE'VE ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM WHERE PEOPLE DID NOT REALIZE THEY NEED TO GO THROUGH AN EXTRA STEP and even after answering questions receive an additional email. This is the only workaround:

IF YOU WANT AN EASIER WAY TO JOIN, EMAIL ME and I will send you an invitation - amy@themindfulsoulcenter.com

It might seem like a lot of trouble so you have the option of also or instead to join the Mindful Soul Center group on Facebook -> click here.

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