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Yes you can! Step into healthy, abundant and joyous life with less stress and more peace through practice. My name is Amy Adams and I'm the founder of the Mindful Soul Center, a certified yoga & meditation teacher, and Reiki Master. I help people on their personal evolution & spiritual paths towards health and joy by providing guidance, tools and resources both free and paid.

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The Mindful Soul Center Free Content Guide

Welcome! Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Buna Ziua, Hey, Hi and Yo! to my fellow Mindful Souls - Here's how you can join us in our new private Facebook Group, read articles, listen to podcasts and more!

Mindful Soul Center Yoga: Weekly FREE Virtual Practice

Every week Amy @ the Mindful Soul Center leads a one hour yoga practice. You are welcome to join in the fun as we nurture and care for our bodies through movement (poses/asanas.)

Sometimes we flow, sometimes we hold poses - it is a combo of hatha and vinyasa flow yoga. You can access the link by signing-up here.

22-Yoga Poses A Visual Guide for Beginners FREE PDF

I called it a cheat sheet  but it's more than one page featuring 22 Yoga poses everyone needs to know. It is a clear and simple guide to help you learn the English language names of poses and basically what that pose will look like. Includes also includes checklists to track your practice. Available in US Letter and A4 sizes.

Yes You Can Yoga Videos - 3 Fifteen Minute Practices and a bonus video!

Hello and Welcome! Whether you participated in the Yes You Can! Yoga challenge or not. You can purchase the videos from the challenge to download and have access to anytime, anywhere. There are three videos in total - 15 minutes each and one bonus video, an extended version of practice number 3.

We explore a variety of poses that benefit the body, mind and soul. Great value at only $7 USD. 

Beginners Yoga for Any Body - WAITLIST

If you want to begin to practice yoga, to learn it from the ground-up you're in the right place at the right time. This introductory course will lay the foundation to a healthy body and mind.

Who is this course for:

This course is for beginners of any age and any body type. ​If you want to improve your health, ​ your overall sense of wellbeing, reduce stress and increase your experience with joy - then join me on this adventure towards contentment and self-love. Yoga is more than a workout. A regular steady practice will change your life.

The Ageless Woman

Based on my own experience of menopause I was inspired to create an infographic on the symptoms of menopause and share it with women of all ages since we don't always know what to expect sometimes. In addition to this infographic, I've included  sections on women's health of all ages and aging which include becoming a crone and my own experience of menopause, several podcast episodes on menopause and perimenopause and a video. Sign-up to get access, it's free!





Consciously Create Your Life Goal Planner FREE PDF

This free 25 page workbook was designed to help you Consciously Create Your Life. This workbook is meant for people interested in becoming the best versions of themselves. Complete them and review them each month of quarterly or one time per year. They are designed to provide space for you to record your goals for your personal and professional life. The primary planning pages are fillable in the PDF, however the lined journal pages are not fillable.

Chakra Basics [Free Infographic]

Learn the names and locations of the primary and basic chakras. Chakras are wheels of energy and we're all made of energy. Life force flows through our chakras. Learn the basics here and download the Mindful Soul Center's Seven Chakra Basics infographic. It's free!

Seven Chakras Workbook: Connecting with your body, mind, and soul!

Seven Chakras Workbook: Connecting with Your Body, Mind, and Soul Excited to share the great news! Mindful Soul Center has just published and released our new Seven Chakras Workbook: Connecting with Your Body, Mind, and Soul, is a compact full-colour workbook that was designed to accompany the Mindful Soul Center’s Seven Chakra Workshops. It’s available in both print and digital editions. This workbook introduces you to the Chakras and moves beyond the basics, it goes further and talks about the causes and issues that may block your energetic body and offers solutions to balance and unblock the chakras including mudras, mantras, and yoga postures. Although you can use this book on its own, I do recommend taking the workshops. Used in conjunction with the workshops will create the most benefit. Print Edition Print Edition $22US+ Shipping Digital Edition $9.95 Read on ISSUU Share this post with your friends and family! Namaste!

Buy the Print Edition

Buy the digital edition

BUY NOW $9.95

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti an OM infographic

Learn about AUM / OM

Many yoga instructors open their classes with an Om or two or three :-) Om is a root sound with no synonyms for it. Aum/OM is a universal sound. It doesn't have any translation in any language. Check out the infographic and learn more about OM.

Book: Gratitude Shmatitude: Don't just think it, do it!

This practical guide demands that you don’t merely think about gratitude but do it too. In Gratitude Shmatitude, we learn that being grateful for something or to someone should never be overwhelming or obligatory. Rather, it is an experiential practice of happiness and connection to nature, people, and ourselves. Whether you work through this book in days, weeks, or months, it will guide you on your journey toward habitualizing gratitude and making it a conscious daily practice. Also available is a free PDF workbook that you can download here.

Free PDF Workbook: Gratitude Shmatitude

This PDF workbook is a supplement to the Book, Gratitude Shmatitude. Each chapter in the book is  divided into two parts; think and do. This is the 'do it' part from the end of each chapter and it includes actionable steps to take and explore gratitude.

It includes all of the chapter exercises and space for you to journal and complete the tasks. Use it and raise your vibration! Remember hat being grateful for something or to someone should never be overwhelming or obligatory. Rather, it is an experiential practice of happiness and connection to nature, people, and ourselves. Make gratitude a habit and watch your life unfold in a more peaceful and joyous way!

One Circle a Day Journal 30-Day Challenge [FREE mood journaling]

Are you ready to rumble? :-) 30-days 3-minutes each day on a journey of self-discovery. This journaling challenge is easy to follow and takes very little time. The benefits are amazing and include:

Doing this everyday will:

  • Help you create the habit of journaling.
  • Give you insights into your own beingness.
  • Increase your sense of self-esteem simply because you showed up and did it.
  • Ultimately help you to become more intentional. 

Success! We’re always successful when we do the inner work and take some time to explore our thoughts on life on the inside and out.  Join in the fun and do the challenge.

You can do this challenge anytime of the year but you can get even more support during the period of August 1st through the 31st when we run this challenge in our group - join the Facebook group - Join us!!

Mindful Soul Center Magazine [All Print Editions]


Buy individual glossy issues of the magazine @ $15.95 + shipping each or the full-color digest in book form -same size as single issues but ads have been cut-out, redundant material deleted and it's in book form so no gloss but all the goodness for only $47 US + shipping, a savings of almost 51%.

Six issues of Mindful Soul Center magazine packed into one gorgeous big and beautiful full-colour oversize paperback book for your body, mind, and soul. Loaded with articles on yoga, meditation, self-care, gratitude, and other personal development topics this book will help you on your journey of self-discovery. Generously sized at 8.25" x 11.75" / 21.0 x 29.7 cm. Get all the info in one print edition. 


Publication Date: 12/15/2020
Language: English ISBN9781716410451
Copyright: All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Editor: Amy Adams


By (artist): Ralu Illin, Robin Reynolds, Amy Adams
By (author): Christine Boyd Miller, PhD, Deja Osbourne, Helen Sanchez, Charles Shahar, Charity Collier, MA CADII, Brooklyn Storme, Phd, Lara Dwyer, Jeremy David Engles, Megan Nolan, Kate Russo, PhD, Sandhya S, Amy Adams


Pages: 306
Binding: Paperback
Interior: Color
Dimensions: A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

Keywords: yoga, meditation, self-care, personal development, gratitude, wellness, health, wellbeing, women, spirituality, yoga poses, yoga postures, chakras, loving kindness, yoga philosophy, spiritual journey, awareness, life awake, conscious living, mindful soul center, journey of discovery, body mind connection, mind body soul, mind body spirit, connection

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