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For mindful souls who want to create community and exchange ideas.

The Mindful Soul Center

If you are interested in yoga, meditation, personal development and living a conscious life, then you have found your community! It's free to join. No strings.

We explore a variety of topics: Yoga, Meditation, Books, Philosophy, Art, Music, a Weekly Question, How we can Be the Change, Food Deliciousness, and you'll know when the latest magazine or podcast episode is out from the Mindful Soul Center

Let's create something amazing together! 

Community starts with the heart and you add the soul. This is unlike big corporate social media platforms and networks. This is a place focused on your interests. This is YOUR community where you can join in the conversation with others, follow topics that interest you and post stories and share your experiences. You choose.

What is [the] Mindful Soul Center?

[the] Mindful Soul Center is a hub created for the mindful souls who want to build community, engage in discussion, inspire,  share life stories and experiences. Mindful Soul [dot] Center, a community platform, is an extension of our primary website where we offer you the tools and resources to use through our magazine, podcast, blog, meditations, courses, links, book recommendations and more.

Topics We Explore in the Community

 Yoga, Meditation, Books, Philosophy, Art, Music, Weekly Question, Be the Change, Food Deliciousness, the Podcast & the Magazine

A Big Thanks

Yes, a big thanks for being here.

p.s. in case you want to know who created this community

I'm a real person. My name is Amy Adams and this is my dog Kiki. I'm the founder of [the] Mindful Soul Center, a wellness media company. Hit the explore button then join us in the community by grabbing the app below (scroll down a bit) or hit the join button up top.

p.s.s. If you haven't read the magazine yet or listened to the podcast, check out the links below

You can also read our magazine here: https://themindfulsoulcenter/magazine/

Listen to our podcast here: https://themindfulsoulcenter.com/podcast/

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